About Us

We are an ethical company whose main product is a feed additive, Happy Tummy® Charcoal , which exploits a completely new paradigm in health care for humans, horses, ponies, cattle, companion animals, other mammals, poultry and all other creatures.

Our science based approach to restoring and maintaining good health is based upon an age old technology adapted to work in a modern environment.

Inspired by some original French research, published by the Teaching Department of the School of Alfort, we have developed and perfected a charcoal feed additive capable of removing over 4,000 known toxins from  the horse's (and other animals) system.  This function, coupled with a massive input of bound oxygen, cleans up the animal's internal environment enabling a stronger and more effective immune response. (More about our special charcoal Potentised Natural Charcoal ).

We have grown our company over the years from a customer base of a few hundred leisure riders to the point where we now supply many of the top racing stables and studs in the world.

Happy Tummy is BHA & FEI compliant and can be used whilst racing and competing. We are often asked if it is 'activated' charcoal.  Happy Tummy is NOT -  activated charcoal is a medicinal /industrial super-adsorbent and not recommended as a feed additive.

More recently, the introduction of our Happy Tummy® Capsules for humans has been well received and equally successful.

Our priority is our customers and the products and service we offer them.

Our Approach

Our approach has always been to ‘first do no harm’ and, in pursuit of this goal, all of our products are carefully designed to work with the immune system, thereby supporting and strengthening the natural healing process. We use only natural ingredients and where possible, organic in origin. 

As owners of horses and dogs we have, over the decades, developed a sound knowledge of how to look after them with little veterinary intervention. We have an excellent track record developing and marketing a range of natural products for use in animal care, and a wealth of experience in their application.

We are here to help with advice and guidance on how to get the best from our products, and provide the very best quality available at the most manageable prices. We are proud to provide a service and products that you and your animals can rely on.

 All of our charcoal products contain only natural charcoal made in the traditional way, and charcoal is an 'approved' feed material - not to be confused with 'activated' charcoal which is not. We explain the significant differences on the  Happy Tummy product page.


As pioneers of natural charcoal into the equine market, our product Happy Tummy is the first and the best for equines, bovines, canines, all pets and other animals. Beware of other products now on the market as being 'similar' - they are not!

Historically, we have used charcoal as an aid to digestion and other tummy troubles for thousands of years. In the days of sail, the Navy and other sailing fleets charred the inside of their oak water barrels to keep the water 'sweet'.  Archaeological evidence shows that our ancestors charred the ends of timber posts before driving them into the earth as a way of preserving these posts from rot.

 We have recently re-introduced natural charcoal as a food supplement for humans in capsule form (and many of you may recall your grandparents using charcoal for their tummies).  We are pleased and delighted by the success of our capsules.

All our products are Veterinary Medicines Directorate compliant. 


If your animal or pet falls ill always consult a veterinarian immediately.