Happy Tummy Capsules for Humans

Happy Tummy Charcoal is probably the world’s best food supplement for settling your tummy. It adsorbs unwanted substances, eases gas and can provide the foundation for a healthier diet and life. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Starter tub of 100 capsules is 6 - 8 weeks supply. Larger tub of 500 is six months+ supply.

Happy Tummy charcoal capsules are made from a special hardwood charcoal which is naturally 'rich' in the c60 fullerene molecule. Our scientific process enhances the bio-availability of the c60 molecule to living systems.  We keep it in its natural form so that the adsorptive properties of the charcoal, in combination with the c60 and other elements, work synergistically to assist the body in absorbing nutrients, removing toxins and strengthening the immune response.


Another Benefit:


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 Recent reports from our customer base tell us that Happy Tummy charcoal capsules are very good for removing cellulite.

We’ve done a statistical analysis which agrees and shows that over time (usually about four to six weeks) by taking one capsule after each meal you can expect to see your cellulite begin to disappear.


Obese people who lose weight, and women who have given birth, usually suffer from of stretch marks.  Analysing responses from a sample of our customer base shows that they too can fade /disappear after a course of Happy Tummy charcoal capsules.

Tested against other charcoal food supplements on the market, it emerges that ours  is the most effective charcoal capable of removing cellulite and stretch marks, when integrated as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.   This is because ours is a completely pure and natural product that we have potentised in order to make it more bio- available. 

Happy Tummy charcoal capsules can help all sufferers from tummy problems, and help get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.   


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