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– Fermentation in Herbivores.

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"These horses should only be fed grass forage, preferably not lush, green grass, but dried grasses. Some whole oats or barley (a cup or two) is OK especially if it helps get some arnica and or the buteless solution in to them...unless the horse is overweight and needs to lose pounds...then just syringe the remedies directly in to their mouth. If a horse is overweight and laminitic, let them lose the weight as it is difficult to treat the condition when the horse weighs so much. We don't want to feed bacteria with lots of starches which will worsen toxic insults coming from the gut. I would give horses in this situation oral charcoal to help absorb and reduce the amount of toxin in their gastrointestinal tracts. Three tablespoons of the charcoal twice a day is a good start. The charcoal won't reduce the toxin at the injection site, but a reduction in the bacterial toxin building up the gut due to possible poor appetite and slow gut motility can be achieved with the charcoal...thus the horse will have less of a total load of toxin that the liver and kidneys and entire body has to deal with."