Succeed with Happy Tummy

Nothing compares with Happy Tummy as an effective feed supplement. and British Grand Prix rider, judge and leading trainer Isobel Wessels shares her experience ...

Succeed with Happy Tummy

My Grand Prix horse Chagall has been on Happy Tummy Charcoal for about six months and the improvement in his gut health has been astonishing.

Gone are all the signs of gastric ulcers and the passing of loose droppings.

The most amazing thing of all is that for the first time he has an appetite second to none. His condition has really improved and he is even eating heartily when away from home at shows.

I cannot thank Fine Fettle Feeds enough and can recommend Happy Tummy Charcoal to all horse owners.It's simple, palatable, effective, FEI legal AND affordable.

Isobel Wessels