Stride length and frequency govern the speed at which a horse can run and this is dependent on the amount of oxygen available from the horse’s bloodstream.  The cells burn glucose for energy, a process which requires lots of oxygen, and leaves behind a reside of lactic acid.


         As lactic acid builds up in the horse’s muscles, the horse begins to tire.  This is why a lot of good runners fail to “finish on” well. The answer to this problem is the feed additive Happy Tummy® charcoal!  This form of natural charcoal contains substantial quantities of the molecule C60. This molecule is very rich in electrons and in the process of its production absorbs a great deal of oxygen.  By adding this supplement to the feed stock daily, Happy Tummy® charcoal helps increase the natural loading capacity of the oxygen in the horse’s cellular structure.


         A “knock-on” benefit of this process is to slow the build-up of lactic acid so the horse can finish on better.


         Another longer-term benefit derives from the slower build-up of lactic acid.  Simply put, all acidic toxins (like lactic acid) have a positive charge and are adsorbed by Happy Tummy® charcoal which has a net negative charge.  This process of adsorption rebalances the pH of the horse’s bloodstream helping it to become more alkaline.  A more alkaline bloodstream can absorb more oxygen which makes for a healthier system overall. (And better results).

Happy Tummy® Charcoal is suitable across the whole range of equine (and canine) health issues.  It aids digestion, optimises gastric balance and is useful in removing a whole range of toxins. Fast-acting and economic, this natural form of charcoal has been used down the ages to help keep horses healthy.